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Electrical Services

Electrical Services
Powered by Trust for Over 40 Years.

Bringing complete electrical
expertise to every project –
start to finish.

Powering homes, cottages and boathouses

We can design the perfect lighting system while supplying a wide variety of fixtures to compliment your individual style. We will make sure no detail is missed – your lighting system will take you from the driveway, through your home, down the path and all the way to the lake.

Working alongside your builder

We all want to protect our environment by conserving energy while benefitting from cost effective solutions. Choices such as LED lighting, timers, dimmers, programmable thermostats, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, power filtering and surge suppression can all contribute to a “greener” home. We can help retrofit your existing home, or outfit your new home with electrical components that minimize your impact on the environment. We pride ourselves on being able to customize these options to best suit individual customers. We’ve built strong long lasting relationships with industry supply leaders.

Stay out of the dark

Keep life moving with a reliable backup generator. SIFFT carries and supplies a number of quality generator brands including Sommers, Kohler, Generac and Generlink. As soon as the power goes out, your backup generator will turn on and transfer power back into your home, all automatically. We offer turnkey installations, remote monitoring, annual preventative maintenance, and year round service. SIFFT is your Sommers, Kohler and Generac certified sales service and warranty authorized dealer.

Underground electrical services

Trees falling on power lines can be costly and inconvenient, and can cause significant property damage.
When you’re ready to dispense with the hydro poles on your property and convert from an overhead to an underground service – give us a call.

Prompt and thorough problem solving

Our staff are trained to identify the issue, focus on solutions and to communicate well through the process. When repairs are essential we strive for effective, and timely work. We offer emergency service calls on evenings, weekends and holidays. Our team will work with you to ensure your services are up and running as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Off-grid, solar power solutions

If you are trying to get off the grid or you are too far out to be on the grid, solar power may be the best option for you. SIFFT can meet all of your solar generation needs with grid tie, battery backup and off grid systems.

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